About Me

Mert Yarar was born in Istanbul.

He studied Industrial Electronics at Istanbul Kultur University and Business Administration at Eskişehir Anadolu University.

He has been working for printing industry since 2002 and has specialised particularly in pre-press and printing. He works with many brands in pre-press and color management areas and shares his expertise with his clients. Among the brands and products he currently works with, KODAK Graphic Communications, GMG Color, EFI Color, Epson Proofer Systems, X-rite Spectrophotometers, TECHKON Spectral densitometers etc.

Mert Yarar has started his career in photography in Antwerp, Belgium back in 2008. He started with street photography and he travelled to quite a number of countries where he had the chance to meet different cultures. He has been to Albenia, Austria, Azerbaijan, Belgium, Cyprus, Czech Republic, England, France, Germany, Greece, Netherlands, Israil, Italy, Japan, Kosovo, Macedonia, Maldives, Montenegro, Switzerland, the UAE and the USA for trainings and shooting experiences.

Following the various trainings he completed, he specialised in studio photography. He continues his career in portrait and fashion photography.